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While the importance of building backlinks is well known, knowing how to build them frequently eludes the masses. There are hundreds of techniques to build backlinks, but I'll list five simple strategies.

Here are five easy methods to build backlinks that point to your site/web pages:

1. Article Marketing

Short articles, are written and submitted to a variety of online article directories. As most directories allow you include 2-3 links inside what is called the Author's Bio Box, you can build multiple links per article.

In addition to building anchor text links, it's wise to build a direct "web url" link as well.

2. Online Press Releases

Like articles, you can write a short press release about your business and submit it to a variety of online press release distribution sites. What types of links you are allowed to include will depend on the specific distribution site and whether or not you are paying to have your press release distributed.

3. Website Directories

There are many online directories that will allow you to list your website. You will generally be able to link to your website from the directory listing.

Some of these directories are free and some, like the Yahoo Directory, charge for their listing services.

Here is a resource that lists many online directories:

4. Blog Commenting

Some blogs allow you to leave links when you comment on a post. The effectiveness of this strategy will depend upon whether or not the blog assigns the "no follow" attribute to the links you leave.

There are tools available to search for blogs relevant to your business. Some of the tools will even tell you whether or not the blog is assigning the "no follow" attribute.

5. Buying Text Links

This topic is a bit controversial, but it needs to be addressed. Some will tell you that buying text links will do more harm than good but I have not found this to be the case. It likely depends upon where you are buying your links from and ultimately, where they are placed online.

It is wise to avoid "link farms," which are sites that typically feature hundreds of links per page and not much else. These types of sites are frowned upon by the search engines and may harm your SEO efforts.

You can buy links from a large supplier, or you can buy them direct from an individual webmaster. Active bloggers frequently sell "text links" and this can be a great place to start.

When building links it is important to remember a few things. You should attempt to build links from a variety of sources and concentrate on using the terms you are specifically trying to optimize for.

Remember to build links for each page of your site and not just the homepage... this is frequently misunderstood. Lastly, it's important that you continue to build links over time. It would be great if this was a "once and done" chore, but this is not the case.

The search engines routinely scour the internet looking for links and if yours seem to come to an abrupt halt, they will assume that the popularity or relevance of your page is diminishing.

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