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MyWebSiteDesigner.net wishes to thank all our customers who have provided these comments. We aim to work hard for you and produce a mutually profitable business relationship

If you are an existing customer, please send in your comments good or bad as we are always looking for praise and we are also willing to learn from positive criticism!

1. Hi there, Just to say what a wonderful site you built us. We look forward to doing more business with you in the future - C D. Scotland

2. Hello there,

Astonished about the cost effective, cleverly designed art website that you created for me in short time. Nowhere in Switzerland you could get a web site for that price, for the Swiss are known, to charge you up to to £2.- for a glass of tap water in their Restaurants and Cafés

I.A. from Zurich-CH

3. Fast, efficient, professional and huge value for money. Thanks to you we are finally on the web! - R J. Cardiff

4. Better than we could ever have imagined - RW. Spain

5. Brought in my first order within 2 days of going live - K D. England

6. Having our business details available 24/7 means our customers have access to our resources when they need it not just when we are open

7. This is the cheapest, flexible and most cost effective advertising medium I have ever used - E M. Wolf, USA

8. Now we are are on the 'Information Super Highway' making money at last - ZA

9. Our bricks and mortar business can hardly keep up with all the new inquiries.
You were hard on us ... like a school master, but it was worth it all in the end

10. We should have gone this route years ago - Thank you - BJ, Wales

11. Today Wales, tomorrow the world. Thanks - AL, Cardiff

12. Now, all I have to do is get some training in Internet Marketing, Thanks a lot - BM, Bristol

13. After 3 previous attempts, I finally get what I wanted. A site that reflects my business ethos - Kt, Carmarthen

14. Thank you for all your help with our business branding and promotion - Cardiff

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