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Shop Website Design £4500  (Ideal to start Selling on-Line )
A total dynamic shop website
  • Free for the first year:-
  • UK Domain Name
  • Domain Name Linked Email
  • Website Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Submittal
  • Hosting For One Year
  • Web Space Allocation
  • Web bandwidth Allocation
  • Make Unlimited Content Updates
  • Marketing Advice Given
  • Professionally Designed Site Template
  • Unlimited Quality Pages Per Site
  • Full Branding Applied
  • Secure Reliable Hosting
  • Top End Technical Features
  • Database Driven
  • Online Content Management System
  • Colour Schemes • Navigation • Photos
    Use of Imagery • Graphical Elements
    Key Words and Phrases • Web Stats
  • Starter e-Commerce Shop - When you require instant shopping facilities
Shop Website Annual Plan £2250
(Begins in 2nd year)
  1. Domain Name Renewal
  2. Online Hosting
  3. Bandwidth Allocation
  4. Site Maintenance & Management
  5. Technical Updates
  6. Monthly Backup
  7. Support
  8. Enablement of Content Updates
  9. Database Maintenance
  10. Database Updates
  11. Site Monitoring
  12. CMS Platform & Extension Updates
  13. Technical Updates to Shop
  14. Technical Updates to Shop Addons
  15. Technical Updates to Payment Processor

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