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MyWebsiteDesigner.net offer additional modules for a whole range of applications...

Addons for Websites

When you require a Website with additional functionality

Catalogue - £350
When you require cataloguing facilities

Buy Now Buttons - £200
When you require only a simple purchasing option

Dynamic Forms - From £350
Programmed forms
i.e. Survey questions
(Large forms & complex forms may cost more)

Portal Functions - From £750
When you need systems like:- Blogs, Forums, Galleries, Audio, Video, CRM, Accounting, Social and Industry Specific applications

Animations from £350
When you require moving parts
i.e. animated logos, animated banners etc

Website Stats from £350
When you want to monitor your websites activities at the server level

Google Analytics from £500
When you want to monitor your websites activities to aid in your marketing

Marketing Functions- From £350

When you need modules to facilitate the following functions:-Traffic Tracking
Analysis List building, Bulk Emailing
e-Zine management, Promotion - online & offline
Bulk Mailing functions

Annual Costs
Some addons incur a renewal cost for maintenance and management. This would be determined per implementation, but is typically 50% of the initial cost

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Custom/Bespoke Web Design Services




Bespoke Website Design involves an in depth & detailed consultative process

This enables us to determine your requirements and specific build outcomes

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